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laurat 112,

In short, chemo is NOT the only treatment available. I was diagnosed with stage 3 PC in Sept of 2017.  I did chemo and chemo radiation, got the cancer in check and now am doing an alternative therapy from Mexico for the last 7 months.  With God's grace my tumor is gone and my tumor markers are undetectable and I am enjoying a normal active life.  Doctors can only prescribe what the FDA will allow them.  There are effective alternative therapies all over the world that WORK!!!  Try to have an open mind and look at them.  The Mexico one is working for me.  If you would like more information please let me know.  I am happy to share what has worked for me.



My mother had and passed away from PC in the tail of the pancreas.  16 months after she passed away I was diagnosed with PC only mine was in the head of the pancreas.  That was 19 months ago.  I did genomic testing and it was inconclusive if the condition was hereditary.  However, it is my understanding that if you have an immediate family member with PC then the kin may have more of a chance of getting it as well but not guaranteed by any means.  I wish you and your Mom the best.


On Feb 12, 2019 9:33 PM jamesz wrote:

Hey all, looking for some advice or experience if anyone is kind enough to lend me some.

My mother, 60 has just been sent home with now inoperable Pan Can with mets to the Liver. 

To date she had the whipples op last Xmas then Chemo (Capecitabine) for about 4 months, which she stopped as she said it became too much for her (I can’t help but feel that stopping was a mistake, but then I wasn’t going through the awful stuff). This was around June last year and then her scans were showing clear as of last August, but of course predictably it came back now with the above mets to liver showing on her scan just some 10 days ago.

Her oncologist is now saying she can choose to live out her life to it's natural end, or try the either of the following chemos for a 1 in 5 chance of 2 extra months(!) 


FOLFOX though a picc line (I am guessing becuase of the state she got in with the previous chemo IRIN is being left out). 

Time is running out and she won’t make the decision wether to go for chemo and is asking me, my Dad and sister what to do. 

Despite not being in much pain at the moment, she is generally a nervous wreck except for the occasional moments when she sees her 10 month old granddaughter. If it wasn’t for this I would perhaps advise her to go in for the chemo as she’s not hugely enjoying her life as it is.  However, if she has chemo she definitely won’t want to be around her granddaughter through fear of catching a bug or an illness from the little germ machine.  

It's her decision to make, but the onus is on us to help her make a call. An impossible choice. I don’t want to be the one to subject her to the potential misery of chemo potentially depriving her of precious time with her granddaughter for it to make absolutely no difference… I’ll blame myself. But then what if, just what if it buys her some good time despite the oncologists grim statistics?

I just don’t know what to tell her and she’s looking to me for guidance. Seems like an obvious thing to say, but despite being in a constant state of anxiety, she really does want to stay alive. 

Any words of wisdom or any sort will be much appreciated. 

Thank you


(we’re situated in the UK and this all through the NHS, if that makes any difference)


I was diagnosed with PC 17 months ago.  I went thru 30 weeks of chemo and chemo/radiation.  My scans were then clear and my tumor markers very low.  My tumor also was inoperable so my oncologist recommended a maintenance chemo dosage every two weeks.....indefinetly.  I was not too jazzed about that because as you know the chemo will just keep pressing you down and down.  I opted instead to go to Mexico to an alternative cancer clinit in November (no side effects).  My last scans in December were still clear and currently I feel great.  I get another CT scan and blood work in three weeks.  I am praying for good results but am very optomistic based on how I feel and I'm keeping weight on even with going to the gym 6 times a week.  Maybe looking into an alternative treatment could be an option for you.



Maybe time to look at some alternative therapies?  I was diagnosed with panc cancer in Sept of last year however mine did respond to chemo and radiation.  My tumor is non-resectable and I did not want to continue with chemo indefinitly so I am doing an alternative therapy now that keeps the tumor from growing.  It is an herbal tonic and I started with it 6 weeks ago.  That is just one of many alternative therapies out there that may help you!!

Hi Cecilia.  My mother passed away from PC two years ago and hers was on the tail of the pancreas as well.  Her tumor marker was not as high as what you had mentioned but did respond well to chemo pill/radiation.  She then needed more chemo but really did not want to do that anymore and maybe would not have done as well as your father has.  I was then diagnosed with PC a year and half later but mine is on the head of the pancreas.  My tumor marker was not as high as your father's either but I immediatlly started changing my diet to promote a more alkaline state in my body.  The markers started coming down on their own PRIOR to treatments and then I did 12 weeks of chemo, 6 weeks of chemo pill/radiation and now doing another 12 weeks of chemo.  My markers have been in the normal range for at least 5 months now.  And thru all of that I continue to try to eat alkiline promoting foods, staying away from refined sugars and drinking chlorophyll daily.  I feel it has really helped me and maybe would help your father as well.  Blessings.


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