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    Would love to hear from others with sclc. I was diagnoseed this paa june with 6.5cm mas left lung, inopperable due to location. Have done 3 rounds of chemo and 30 xx radion and have next chemo nexxt week. Heard all the stats  and decided to just go for it with ots of prayer and as much positive attitude as possible. It hasn t been easy but I am hanging in there. Would love to hear other journies and thanks for ...

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      I was dianosedd with clc this part june and am 60. I am currently in the midst of 6 rounds of chemo and just finished 30 x radiation. I plan on doing the PCI evn thoough I have no mets as a safeguar. I have talked to those who have and those that have not. For me, it will be prevention as cchemo does not pass the blood/brain barrier and I feel that having been through this journey, I will do the whole shebang. But it...

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        Thank you for your reply - it meant a lot. Hope your Mom continues to do well.

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          I would appreciate any feedback> Just diagnosed with 6.5 cm small cell lung cancer in left lung - wrapped around pulmonary artery with lymph noode involvement. Getting port plus 2 chemos and radiation soon. Telling my childrren tomorrow. Feeling overwhelmed, scared and numb. Onncologist said don t let info put you off - but it is scary. Any feedbak much appreciated. Thanks

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